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Rapid Fire Starter Kit

Rapid Fire Starter Kit

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Included in the Rapid Fire Starter Kit:

Rapid Fire Instant Coffee Rapid Fire Coffee makes living the Keto or low carb lifestyle easy and delicious. The organic coffee is loaded with MCTs, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and a touch of Himalayan pink salt to promote metabolism and cognitive health.

Rapid Fire Turbo Brew Rapid Fire Turbo Brew is a rich, smooth blend of coffee available in whole bean or freshly ground. This full-bodied beverage contains Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. Get the boost you need with 3x the caffeine per serving.

Rapid Fire Creamers Rapid Fire Creamers are the perfect addition to your coffee, tea, or smoothie to help enhance ketone levels and an active lifestyle. These healthy fat formulas include MCTs, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and Himalayan salt.

Rapid Fire MCT Oil Rapid Fire MCT Oil is a healthy saturated fat comprised of 100% coconut oil. It easily mixes with hot or cold beverages, without altering the taste or appearance, and supports energy, stamina, and metabolism. Additionally, you can enhance ketosis by adding it to food.

  • Helps burn calories
  • Provides a feeling of fullness
  • Quickly metabolizes to ketone energy, instead of storing as fat
  • Promotes performance levels
  • Helps boost brain power
  • Convenient
  • More affordable than a barista
  • Gluten free and soy free
  • Organic coffee