7 Reasons to Choose
Rapid Fire’s Immune Brew

5 stars

Kickstart your day with Immune Brew Super Mushroom Coffee pods. Our blend of premium coffee, immune-boosting mushrooms, and ashwagandha, a potent adaptogenic herb, help improve your immune system, boost brain power, and give you tons of natural energy.

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1 /   Revs up Your Immune System

Premium coffee made from organic beans filled with antioxidants, a blend of 8 mushrooms and ashwagandha work together to rev up your immune system.

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2 /   Fights Inflammation

The antioxidants in our mushroom blend work with organic coffee beans to reduce inflammation and improve mood.

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3 /   Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Beans carefully roasted in small batchescombined with ashwagandha and lions mane to help you fight stress and anxiety.

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4 /   Improves Performance Levels

A powerful blend of mushroom superfoods provides your body with energizing ketogenic ingredients to improve physical and mental performance.

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5 /   Helps Boost Focus and Brain Function

Organic beans are roasted at the precise temperature to preserve and promote their antioxidant content combined with ashwagandha fires up your mental focus.

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6 /   Supports Gut Health

Delicious and rich coffee with no after taste and our 8 mushroom blend helps support gut health and digestion.

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7 /   Energizes Your Day

A combination of functional mushrooms and keto-friendly ingredients leaves you feeling productive, alert, and energized without the caffeine jitters.

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